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EthnoExpert was established in 2009 as a research & development company with headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia. Focused on sustainability consulting and social studies for the needs of the construction, ICT, mining, and oil & gas industries, EthnoExpert continues to grow through constant innovation. Our new locations are being opened with an outlook on European and US markets.

Our development in international project activity marks a new company strategy that delivers high-level consulting and professional services to our clients on a global scale. Our experience in supporting the implementation of large-scale projects - according to the International Finance Corporation and World Bank standards - underline that our experts meet the highest level of qualification.

We build up a unique business vision for our partners that is based on the integration of sustainability approaches in long-term strategies and everyday operations. We go the entire road with our clients, from initial risk identification and stakeholders’ engagement, to impact assessment and development planning. Our goal is reached when our partners' new skills and capacities put our expertise aside.

Our clients play leading roles in the industries:

Environment &
Sustainability strategies
IT & software development

We consider every client as a long-term partner with whom we share a commitment to both teamwork and success.

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