EthnoExpert delivers a wide range of sustainability consulting services to its clients, helping to drive toward near- and long-term results.

Sustainability strategy:

turning risks into opportunities

Every project demands expertise in sustainability during the initial decision-making stage. Our experienced consultants will help identify and manage potential risks in environmental, social and governance areas with regards to economic and legal aspects. We develop a road map that addresses sustainability risks and opportunities, and we support our clients’ growth objectives.

We also contribute our knowledge to mitigate the negative consequences of projects through environmental, social and strategic impact assessment procedures.

Stakeholder engagement:

effective communication and disclosure

Many companies have nowadays grasped the importance of actively developing and sustaining relationships with affected communities and other stakeholders throughout the life of their project, and not just simply during the initial feasibility and assessment phase.

By working with us on stakeholder identification and engagement and all other aspects of environmental and social performance, our clients are reaping the benefits of improved risk management, with better outcomes on the ground.

Development Programmes and Innovative ICT Solutions

EthnoExpert solutions help businesses and public sector organisations identify and implement development programmes that not only drive performance and address their needs, but also take advantage of the new opportunities that lie ahead.

We also help clients build innovative solutions based on our ongoing investments in research, including climate change, green technologies, and ICT. Our vision is that new technologies and smart data management solutions will achieve and sustain high performance, thus meeting consumer and investor expectations whilst improving economic, environmental and social value through sustainability.

EthnoExpert sustainability services portfolio and standards

Stakeholder Identification & Engagement Sustainability Strategy Design Sustainability Innovation
Sustainability Performance & Risks Management Green IT Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
Research & Design Sustainable Partnership & Outsourcing Regional planning & Development Programs
IFC Performance Standards Equator Principles EBRD Performance Requirements
World Bank Group Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines Corporate Social Responsibility ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

Potential top and bottom-line benefits

  • Risk mitigation by reviewing business operations through a sustainability lens
  • Effective operational and capital investment decisions that positively impact organisational objectives and satisfy those of multiple stakeholders
  • A balance between economic progress, social responsibility, and environmental protection can lead to a competitive advantage
  • The key to success is integrating sustainability into business decisions by identifying and measuring the present and future impacts of services, processes, and activities
  • Quantitative and qualitative outputs that help rank and refine sustainability initiatives, and improve financial returns for the company
  • Reduced material costs and price volatility to increase the competitive edge
  • Improved supply chain transparency that can help reduce the risk of social issues
  • Improved reporting, from basic compliance to third-party assessment scores that can help enhance your project and acquire social licences for operation
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