Permitting & Impact Assessment

Industrial project implementation requires official permits and licenses, approvals for environmental and social risk management at all stages. "EthnoExpert" offers services to support projects in environmental and social spheres, which facilitates further obtaining appropriate permits.

Stakeholder Management

We help our clients to create an effective interaction system between stakeholders from different social, cultural and economic groups, in order to succeed in industrial project implementation and bring in societal profits.

Project Finance

Attracting external financing demands strict compliance with relevant Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Working with companies from construction and energy industries, our advisors help building effective policies in sustainable development and address environmental and social risks.

Digital Transformation

Sustainability service digital transformation stands out as one of the most important trends for the upcoming years. We deliver digital transformation solutions by combining sustainability advisory and technology consulting expertise.

Green Finance

Climate change presents risks and opportunities for the financial sector in both emerging and advanced economies. We provide assistance to financial institutions in developing standardized green financial products for energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy and waste management projects.


“EthnoExpert” organizes and conducts training seminars for propagating methods and solutions for sustainable development. Our educational approach looks back on 10 years of experience in consulting and expert project examination in the industrial and environmental areas.


Our R&D projects are the basis for the services and products we offer to solve business needs. In the course of the 10 years of this developmental direction, we created a base of leading experts with whom we worked in various disciplines, i.e. ecology, IT, sociology, anthropology, and other social sciences.


TCFD: EthnoExpert expands areas of expertise

19 July 2019

On July 16-17, EthnoExpert held a training workshop as part of an international project to assess the impact of climate change on large businesses and formulate information disclosure procedures (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures, TCFD).

About Us

$50+ billion
CapEx of projects advisory services provided
10 years
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EthnoExpert focuses on sustainability services in the most capital-intensive industries - energy and construction - where the projects have the highest levels of capital expenditures. For projects with external financing, sustainability expertise is vital. Not only does this knowledge of performance standards and guidelines allow for the analysis of environmental and social risks, but it also revises governance practices and redesigns business processes.

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