“Strategic business planning is impossible without building a sustainable development policy” – this was the main thesis voiced at the 8th Ecological Forum «Corporate Responsibility to the Future. Technology for Society and Nature», held on October 17-18 in Moscow.

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EthnoExpert shares this mission and constantly develops various expertise to facilitate business in this direction. Climate reporting and greenhouse gas emission policies are becoming the most urgent demands. Climate change is increasingly affecting economic performance and forcing companies to consider climate risks. EthnoExpert Sustainability Manager Daria Ryazantseva took part in the forum and presented the most authoritative climate reporting standards, features and implementation prospects.

Among forum attendees were representatives of federal executive bodies and constituent entities of the Russian Federation, experts, scientists, heads of public organizations and employees of industrial companies. Future of climate reporting in the country and its prospects were in the focus of the discussions.

Nevertheless, in view of the adoption of the Paris Agreement by Russia, this topic will only develop and will require the involvement of all stakeholders in developing an optimal approach to resolving climate issues.