EthnoExpert took part in the International vexillological symposium “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES”, held June 06-08, 2019 in the State Hermitage Museum. EthnoExpert’s leading researcher Anton Chistyakov’s report “The Sámi flag: the role of the symbol in the process of consolidation of the ethnic group” was devoted to the symbolism of the Sámi people living in four states (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia). The report especially focused on the use of the flag by Sámi public organizations in Russia and the history of the flag-raising ceremony during ethnic holidays in Murmansk as an important symbolic act for the Sámi community.

EthnoExpert team continues to monitor the situation around indigenous small-numbered peoples and constantly conducts research in this area to include the most relevant information in projects aimed at the sustainable development of the Arctic.