Daria Riazantseva, EthnoExpert’s Project Manager for Sustainable Development, took part in the Global Landscape Forum held on June 22-23, 2019 in Bonn, Germany. Each year, the Forum brings together hundreds of experts in the fields of ecology, landscape planning, biodiversity and sustainable development, as well as activists, politicians, scientists and practitioners implementing their projects in the field of environmental protection.

The rights of the indigenous peoples and local communities, their participation in nature management and the use of landscapes in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement were the main topics of the 2019 International Forum. More than 600 people took part in this forum, voicing and examining a significant range of goals and objectives that need to be addressed in the coming decades at various levels.

Daria made a presentation on various social groups, indigenous peoples and stakeholders participating in sustainable development projects in the Arctic region. The presentation showed a pilot project on the ecological restoration of Sabetta tundra with the involvement of various stakeholders, primarily nomadic reindeer herders, in the project. The report aroused particular interest among Forum participants and became one of the few examples of concrete actions to achieve several SDG simultaneously.