The International Conference “XI Siberian Readings “Energy of the Arctic and Siberia: Resources, Technologies, Infrastructure” was held On September 28-30, 2019 at the Russian Geographical Society headquarters.  The triennial event brought together researchers from various Russian institutions (St. Petersburg, Moscow, the regions of the North, Siberia and the Far East), as well as foreign participants from Austria, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

The conference organizers proposed to consider the energy problem quite broadly. The participants discussed strategies for obtaining and using resources in the Arctic, ways of accumulating various energy sources and resource allocation, mobility and mobile technologies, the impact of energy projects on the lifestyle of the Arctic population, the development of food resources as an energy source, the transformation of traditional environmental management of indigenous peoples, their life-support systems and quality of life. The ethnographic photo exhibition “Arctic Technologies: Chukchi, Yakutia, Nenets”, presentation of new books about the peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, screening of the documentary film of the Estonian director L. Niglas “Land of Love” were held within the framework of the conference.

Employees of “EthnoExpert” A.Yu. Chistyakov, D.S. Ryazantseva & S.B.Kiselev dedicated their report on the possibility of using renewable energy sources by nomadic reindeer herders in the Arctic. The search for new sources of energy is due to the mobility of nomadic groups, their living in remote areas outside the centralized energy supply. It is extremely important that introducing wind-powered and solar energy devices will contribute to solving climate problems by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The authors summarized the experience of using wind turbines and solar panels in the Arctic climate, examined examples of modern power devices. Particular attention was devoted to the implementation of projects for the introduction of solar panels in the life of reindeer herders, as “EthnoExpert” plans the further development of this field of its activities.