April 29-30, the 7th international scientific and practical conference “Polar Readings – 2019” took place in St. Petersburg. The organizers were the Museum and Еxhibition Сenter for Тechnical and Тechnological Development of the Arctic and the branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in St.Petersburg – «Icebreaker «Krassin». Conference participants discussed the problems of the history and perspectives of the cooperation between state and society in managing the Arctic; the experience of Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, various Arctic committees, the State Committee and other organizations.

The presentation by EthnoExpert leading researcher Anton Chistyakov focused on an unknown page in the history of the All-Union Arctic Institute  (now – Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute) –  the activities of the Department of Reindeer Herding which operated within the institute in the 1930s. Based on the materials of the Central State Archive for Scientific-technical Documentation of St. Petersburg the author of the presentation was able to show the role of department employees in studying the quality of reindeer pastures, developing of breeding, creating methods of produce processing, etc. The studies that were initiated by the All-Union Arctic Institute in the 1930s became the basis for the subsequent introduction of new technologies into the reindeer herding and were continued by other research organizations in the following decades.