World Wetlands Day: wetlands and climate change

31 January 2019

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2 since 1971. It draws public attention to the prominent role of wetlands in natural processes and human life, their vulnerability and the importance of their wise use. The theme in 2019 was the relationship between wetlands and climate change.

EthnoExpert’s new publications

5 January 2019

Anton Chistyakov, EthnoExpert’s Leading Researcher, spoke on the study of the indigenous peoples of the North at the All-Russian Scientific Conference "Mavrodin Readings - 2018".

Summing up the year - EthnoExpert participates in the VII International Forum “The Arctic: Present and Future”

15 December 2018

EthnoExpert CEO Igor Semenov took part in the VII International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future", held in St. Petersburg on December 5-7, 2018.