In autumn 2014, “EthnoExpert” organized a seminar regarding the problems of traditional nature management in the Nogliki district, Sakhalin region.

At present, Sakhalin is a dynamically developing region. Active industrial development and socio-economic development create risks for the preservation of the ethnocultural identity and traditional economy of the indigenous population. The task of organizing the seminar emerged because local residents were concerned about the changing traditional practices of reindeer husbandry and the emerging problems of indigenous population adapting to modern conditions.

The main objectives of the seminar included the analysis of modern reindeer husbandry practices in Nogliki District of the Sakhalin Oblast, identification of current problems in the industry, solution development for preserving and developing northern reindeer breeding.

The seminar focused greatly on reindeer husbandry and the increase in the number of deer near the village of Val. The experts held working meetings with the head of the village, representatives of local forestries, and the community of the small indigenous peoples of the North “Yukte”. As a result, a comprehensive assessment of the current reindeer husbandry practices state in the region was developed, and the participants came up with recommendations on increasing the number of deer in this area.

“The seminar helped to understand what was happening and how to develop further in order to preserve our culture and economy. This island has been our home for many years, and we do not want to leave.” Naryan, reindeer herder.

“Based on the conclusions of the seminar, we will conduct a dialogue with local residents. Such dialogue is very important for our company – the earth is one for all of us”. A representative of Sakhalin Energy.