The project concerned the economic activities for the development of the East Talotinsky site. A license for exploration in the territory was acquired by Shell.

The East Talotinsky license area is located on the Nenets Autonomous District Zapolyarny district territory in the local agricultural cooperative production activity zone. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, D2 oil reserves in the East Talotinsky area contain 5.3 million tons, and 22.4 billion cubic meters of D2 gas.

“EthnoExpert” ’s purpose was a site environmental and social condition integral analysis prior to the start of technical works, forecasting their potential impact on the population occupied in the traditional economy, risk assessment and drawing up a relevant development plan.

Company specialists took the following steps:

  • conducted economic, demographic and ethnic statistics analysis relevant to the territory
  • administrated the modern medical-geographical and sanitary-epidemiological situation field study in the region
  • investigated the traditional nature management conservation degree

“EthnoExpert” identified a list of risks for conducting exploration and construction works, as well as measures aimed at preventing or minimizing the potential impact. Moreover, the company elaborated ways to compensate for potential negative impact. The study identified possible cooperation patterns between the subsoil user company and the local community, its participation in the social and economic development of the local community through developing partnership relations.