In 2015, Maxim Titov, leading adviser in Green Finance solutions at EthnoExpert has organized an interactive workshop for Senior Management and Specialists of the European bank to establish strategic alignment between realistic project objectives and client’s new Green Finance products.

The general topics for discussion included the following, among others:

  • Key market drivers of Green Finance
  • How best to position Green Finance products into the client’s strategy?
  • What types of organizational and other factors should be adapted to ensure successful launch of Green Finance within the client strategy?
  • How best to develop a pipeline of Green Finance opportunities, and work with market stakeholders (e.g. technical consultants and renewable energy/energy efficiency equipment vendors) to maximize outreach and value-addition to the client customers?
  • How to ensure institutional buy-in and commitment throughout the client to pro-actively market Green Finance products (e.g. target setting)?
  • What communications and marketing strategies will be necessary to position the client as the financial institution of choice for Green Finance projects, and strengthen its brand?

Within the framework of the workshop, the objectives of the project and work plan were clarified, as well as the understanding of business opportunities related to Green Finance. A system for the further transfer of knowledge related to energy efficiency and Green Finance within the management team has been developed. As a result, the client successfully launched its Green Finance product for SMEs on European market.