In 2016-2017, “EthnoExpert” developed a methodology for training and adapting new employees for a client, “DataArt” network.

“DataArt” is a rapidly growing international company with offices in eleven countries in Europe, Russia and Americas, employing approximately 2,500 people and showing permanent staff increase of over 30% per year. “DataArt’s” specificity is a wide variety of specialists and their roles in the company. This makes the unification of the new employee training process more complicated. The need for rapid newcomer integration into ongoing projects and adaptation to corporate culture triggered the creation of a consolidated methodical complex for personnel management.

“EthnoExpert” consultants analyzed “DataArt”’s work and proposed a common methodology for training and adaptation that combines different approaches, practices and procedures depending on the position, tasks and employment conditions. The methodology relies on sustainable development principles and various manuals on labor organization, including international ones. The contractor took into account company’s key approaches and decisions, corporate culture. In cooperation with “DataArt” HR-managers, “EthnoExpert” successfully implemented the product into the company’s activities. An integral part of the methodology was the IT-system for fixating the employee’s task list and organizing stakeholder interaction within the company.

One of the results of implementing the developed methodology was a significant reduction of time necessary for an employee to achieve effective productivity. The experience was so successful that “DataArt” management turned to “EthnoExpert” once again to create a universal methodology for forming project teams.