2015 – Vladimir Region, Meshchera National Park

2016 – Vladimir Region

2017 – The Nizhny Novgorod Region

Since 2015, “EthnoExpert” has held three training on wetland ecosystem restoration in Russia within the Peatrus project, conducted in cooperation with the Wetlands International Foundation.

Regional and municipal authority representatives and environmental organizations, environmentalists, international experts, engineers, specialists in peat enterprises and farms participated in the seminars. The events’ main objective was to teach participants proven methods for subsequent application in peatland restoration projects. These seminars are the main condition for the further sustainable implementation of any projects. This ensures knowledge and experience transfer continuity in this field and their dissemination to other regions of the Russian Federation.

The organizers arranged site visits for trainees to obtain a visual representation of all the elements of peatland restoration process. The combination of theoretical and practical parts of the training and detailed consideration of the whole complex of issues on the peatland restoration process have become key conditions for effective seminars.

“I had no idea that the ability to competently interact with local residents and authorities is so important! I was always interested only in the technical part, because I thought it was key. However, we are trying it with local residents; that is why their opinion is important to know!”. Bilenko V., Engineer-hydrologist “NORTON”.