Shtokman Development AG is a joint venture registered on February 15, 2008 for financing, design, construction and operation of the first phase Shtokman gas condensate field development. PJSC Gazprom holds 100% of Shtokman Development AG shares. The Company Headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland. Company branches operate in Moscow, Teriberka village, Murmansk region.

Shtokman gas condensate field lies in the centre of a shelf zone situated in the Russian sector of the Barents Sea about 600 kilometers northeast from Murmansk. The sea reaches the depth of 340 meters in that area. Research has shown that natural gas reserve Shtokman today is one of the world’s largest fields. The deposit holds C1+C2 reserves of 3.8 trillion cubic meters of gas and around 37 million tons of gas condensate.

The studies for the Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) conducted in October 2008, identified the main sources of social tension, conflict factors and population problems in the construction area, as well as local residents’ expectations regarding the construction of an LNG plant.

  • 321 residents of the villages in Zavalishina bay took part in the survey;
  • Methods of group and individual interviews, conversations, group discussions, observation of daily activities were applied;
  • The sampling included all age groups of the socially active settlement population.

Onshore facilities will be located in Zavalishina bay, which is located near Teriberka

The settlement socio-economic and environmental situation analysis showed the role of natural resource management for the population and described the region’s main problems. The results of the studies helped identify the measures to optimize the living conditions in settlements, assess social tension and the most conflict-related spheres of life, identify groups of people whose interests may be affected by the planned construction of the plant, and outline ways to overcome possible contradictions.