Green Energy and Climate Finance

Climate change presents risks and opportunities for financial sector in both emerging and advanced economies. Financial institutions cannot stay away from the transition path to low-carbon economies and become more and more interested in so-called green finance aimed at environmentally conscious business activities.

EthnoExpert assists financial institutions in developing standardized green financial products for energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy and waste management projects. It includes helping the client to determine market potential, build capacity to identify, assess and process green transactions. Proven green finance methodology, staff trainings and a set of marketing tools help the client to attract multinational investors to further fund its green lending operations.

Green energy finance unlocks opportunities for:

  • Creating an innovative product that attracts new customers
  • Monetizing existing client base, cross-sales
  • New marketing channels through equipment vendors
  • Improved portfolio risk profile
  • Energy cost-saving stimulating cash-flow
  • Positive social and environmental impacts
  • Enhanced brand reputation, PR opportunities, CSR impact

EthnoExpert delivers a structured Green Finance product and builds clients’ capacity to independently manage a broader service, meeting customers’ needs for financing renewable energy projects, energy efficiency measures and clean technology upgrades.

We help our clients meet Global sustainability standards established by World Bank, IFC, EBRD and other development institutions that focus on transforming markets and driving innovation. These standards are a benchmark for environmental and social risk management in the private sector. Compliance with them adds value to clients’ image, enhances their business performance, and facilitates raising funds, particularly from international markets. IFC Performance Standards are reflected in Equator Principles now used by over 80 larger financial institutions around the world, 15 European Development Finance Institutions and 32 Export Credit Agencies from OECD countries.

Maxim Titov

Leading Expert, Green energy and Climate finance

"Our main objective is breaking down any barriers that exist between green finance and green projects."

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