Project Finance

Business objective: attracting external financing to complete project construction that demands strict compliance with relevant Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

  • Profound experience of working with strict compliance with International Finance Institutions Standards, including the Equator Principles, IFC Performance Standards and EBRD Performance Requirements regarding social issues
  • Compliance with local, regional and international legislation and regulations
  • Use of the best industrial practices
  • Compliance evaluation and project adjustment
  • Risk assessment and management

EthnoExpert’s input: our advisers from construction and energy industries help us build effective policies for sustainable development and address environmental and social risks. The projects successfully pass compliance audits, resulting in the closure of the projects financing package. In partnership with all stakeholders, EthnoExpert develops complex measures to support economic profits for the industry and social benefits for the community.

Igor Semenov

General Manager

"By working with companies from construction and energy industries, our advisors help to build effective policies in sustainable development, and to address environmental and social risks."

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