Research & Development

EthnoExpert’s R&D projects are the basis for the services and products we offer for solving business needs.

Scientific research creates new knowledge, new methods, models, and programs, which increase business system effectiveness. We use the original data obtained within the studies to support industrial project implementation.

EthnoExpert uses scientific research to create custom-made training programs, conduct educational seminars and workshops for non-professionals and junior level specialists. Taking part in such activities constantly enhances employee qualification.

During the 10-year period of this developmental direction, we have created a base of leading experts with whom we have worked in various disciplines, i.e. ecology, IT, sociology, anthropology, and other social sciences. All that makes up the focus of sustainability.

We have experience in raising funds by making efficient coordination with the leading scientific and educational centers in Europe, North America and Russia. EthnoExpert is open to implementing research projects in the field of climate change studies, environmental management and sustainable development around the world.

Our experts are key speakers at top-notch international scientific conferences. We constantly participate in and organize meetups, seminars, conferences, and panel sessions to contribute in sustainability knowledge growth and experience exchange.

Anton Chistyakov

Head of R&D Department

"In the modern world, science development is in a tight bond with society and business needs. Scientific research is always the foundation for successful innovations."

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