Stakeholder Management

EthnoExpert works with the main stakeholders of industrial, environmental and nature protection projects.

The key element for sustainable development of socially responsible business is the extent of stakeholder involvement and interaction with them. Systemic dialogue is a crucial condition for the successful large industrial project implementation in modern conditions. All stages of the project must take into account stakeholder interests, informing them and managing their expectations. This significantly minimizes the risks of conflict of interest and decision-making crisis.

The EthnoExpert team has considerable experience and knowledge in the field of stakeholder management, as well as all the competencies necessary to make a constructive dialogue between different population groups. The main working method is using the world’s best stakeholder management practices combined with the company’s own developments in this field. The ability to coordinate positions and opinions of the parties on various social, environmental and economic issues leads to an effective project strategy construction and implementation.

Performed works:

  • Defining the project’s external and internal stakeholders
  • Building an effective communication system with stakeholders
  • Organizing and conducting public discussions and hearings
  • Developing and implementing procedures for filing and processing complaints and proposals
  • Managing expectations and alignment of stakeholder vectors
  • Monitoring participants’ involvement in the process of making project decisions
  • Constantly updating information and reporting it to the interested persons
  • Preventing or mitigating possible conflicts

The company works in compliance with world standards and follows successful practices in building stakeholder engagement such as

  • Standards for activities to ensure environmental and social sustainability of the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    • Performance Standard 1 Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts
    • Performance Standard 7 Indigenous Peoples
  • The Equator Principles – an environmental and social risk management system for financing large-scale industrial projects
Daria Ryazantseva

Sustainability Manager

"Long-term business development is provided by building communications with stakeholders. Any sustainable development strategy is based on this most important management task."

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